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Refresh 'stale' eBay listings suggests expert seller

Friday 20 September 2013 - 11:15
Refresh 'stale' eBay listings suggests expert seller

eBay traders are being strongly exercised today by changes the company has made to the workings of its Cassini search engine.

So blog editor Julia Wilkinson has produced a timely list of tips for sellers to help them avoid finding the visibility of their listings plummeting on the site.

"One of the things Cassini looks at is how fast you turn things over," she notes. "While in the past it may not have mattered if you had 5,000 things listed but only a small percentage of them selling regularly, these days those stale listings can drag you down."

So her first tip is to try ending a listing, and then re-posting it, or clicking the 'sell similar' button, and using an updated product description.

Next, she suggests using email bulletins to help keep the interest of previous buyers. "If you get people interested in your types of products to opt-in to listening to what you have to say, you can communicate with them directly without worrying whether Cassini sees your stuff or not," she suggests.

Discounting slow-moving products is another suggestion Wilkinson makes, as even if only a small price cut is offered, it could bring in new interest.

Another tip she offers, where traders have sufficient margin to do so, is for them to add a 'best offer' price to usually fixed-price listings, so that, again, buyers will see that the seller is willing to be flexible.


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